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We’ve been hearing from a couple of our counsellors at The CLD Trust to gain a bit of an insight into how they have managed over lockdown (and beyond)...

Karon said that one way to clear her mind was to collage, and felt as though the process of cutting pictures out of magazines and putting them together in a piece really helped to occupy her thoughts on something other than what had been worrying her! 

Flexing our creative muscles is proven to help improve and maintain good mental health and wellbeing - you don’t have to be a professional, in art there is no right or wrong, it’s just a way to express yourself!

We take a look at anxiety, what it can feel like, and some handy tricks to try to manage it. It’s particularly common to experience some anxiety while coping with stressful changes, but we’re here to help guide you through!

The goal of this exercise is to get yourself from "flight, fight or freeze" mode back to "rest and digest" mode. Deep breathing helps get more oxygen into your bloodstream - helping you to calm down and lower stress! 

Lockdown over the summer of 2020 gave many people a break from the anxiety they were already feeling, taking some of the pressure off. But for many others it only made things worse…


It’s hard not being able to do what we want to do, or see the people we want to see, and the online can only do so much! Things seem uncertain, and other people may appear to be coping better than us…but it’s so important to remember that actually, many people are feeling just like you.

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 If you are aged 10 - 26 and need support get in touch with the team now - we are always here to offer help and support if you need it - especially throughout lockdown!
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