The new year can be a perfect time to evaluate the last 12 months and plan things for the year ahead, but it can also be full of pressures to meet some unrealistic resolutions.


Beginning the year by resolving to change the way we look tempts us all, believing we are inadequate or insufficient until we get to that place, but learning how to love yourself and treat yourself well can impact the way you live and the things you’re able to accomplish...

This January, we take a look at body image, how it can affect us all and the various different forms it can take. Here at Strong Young Minds, we believe that New Year self-improvement can be a positive thing, with a focus on gratitude and finding the things that work for you when it comes to caring for your body!


As part of our ‘Let’s Talk…with Strong Young Minds’ series, we tackle body image head on, and we have some exciting things planned this month (eyes) to help you approach personal growth and goals with a kinder self-talk that cares for your own mental wellbeing!

Being kind to yourself regularly is one of the best things you can do - and prioritising self-care can nourish your body’s basic needs to enable it to grow, feel satisfied, and even help you to create new forms of expression!

Everyone has the right to feel comfortable and confident in their own body, but recent reports on body image have revealed that up to one in five UK adults have said that images on social media especially had caused them to worry about the way they look…


Here at #StrongYoungMinds, we believe that a positive outlook on our own body can lead to positive feelings of wellbeing and improve our overall mental health. The human body is one of the most complicated and interesting living forms to exist - it deserves more than a little credit! We share some thoughts on the body that you don’t typically see...


We are all unique and individual and learning how to allow yourself some time to explore what makes you you is one of the most important skills for the mind - because looking after our minds (our mental health) is as important as looking after our bodies (our physical health) - they are both connected and require the same amount of love and attention as eachother!


Relaxing is easier said than done, and it can be frustrating when someone tells you to do so, but when our body takes even just ten minutes to sit down and relax, our mind does too. 

Being connected is a big part of our lives, and with restrictions impacting our face-to-face connectivity, social networking tools are sometimes the only way to keep in touch with friends or family. Although it can be a great place to reach out to the people that matter to us, it can also affect our mood and build up to have negative impacts on our lives…


It’s not always easy to tell why you’re feeling down when you’re online, for example, you might start worrying about how you look or what you’re missing out on. It can 

sometimes feel as though we’re bombarded with images of ‘perfect’ bodies and overly positive lives, but what we see isn’t always the reality...


Here at Strong Young Minds, we believe that we are all influenced by the things going on around us which can impact our mental health, but the world is full of a beautiful spectrum of shapes and sizes that should be fully represented in the 


Illustrations: Icons 8 by Ouch!

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