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The SYM Project team & our project champions will be running various events throughout the year across Herefordshire for young people, parents, carers & professionals. 

'Talking Straight' Events

Talking Straight events will be held within local communities. These aim to raise awareness, promote 'good' mental health & wellbeing & reduce stigma.


By engaging local communities our young project champions will act as the catayst for change & inspire community groups into action.

Workshops for Parents
Workshops for Professionals

Parents will gain information & resources to assist them to effectively support their young people.


We will help parents understand what 'good' mental health looks like & enable them to acquire skills & knowledge to recognise the early indicators in young people which may signify an issue with their mental health & wellbeing & where to signpost them for support. 

Professionals will be educated to understand the impact of mental ill health on the behaviours of young people, how best to support them & where to signpost them to for support.

 If you are aged 10 - 26 and need support get in touch with the team now - we are always here to offer help and support if you need it - especially throughout lockdown!
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