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Launched in 2015 to shine a spot light on the importance of children and young people’s mental health - Place2Be’s Children’s Mental Health week is nearly here - for it’s seventh year! (Taking place on 1-7th of February 2021)


Now more than ever, we hope to encourage more people to get involved and spread the word about the importance of talking about mental health, prioritising self-care and nourishing ourselves to embrace the thoughts and feelings we may have about us and the people around us!

This years theme is EXPRESS YOURSELF, and we are so excited to be introducing our own brand new art exhibition to help you find ways to share your own ideas through creativity - we hope you enjoy!

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'Somewhere to belong' - poem by Holly Miles

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'Lockdown Poem' - by Jack Marshall

Imbolc bread making by Alexis Sinclair.

Imbolc is a traditionally Celtic festival which marked the first signs of Spring. Traditionally held on 1st February, it lands about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring solstice where fires would be lit, foods baked, and crosses to the goddess Brigid weaved from straw. It usually brought a welcome reminder that some of the darkest and coldest nights of winter had passed. 


Being a pagan, my spirituality plays more of a factor in my daily life as I become more confident in that aspect of my identity. February 1st marked Imbolc, which is pagan holiday so I thought I'd document my celebrations as I express myself and my beliefs with baking and braiding bread, before leaving offerings for the goddesses I believe in. Bakings long been a passion of mine and something I love to work into my Witchcraft.