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Change, whether it is big or small, can have an impact on your mental health. It is something that can go on in anyone’s life, no matter who they are.

Some people are uncomfortable with change, which is understandable due to the fact that they are so used to something and then it suddenly changes. It can take a lot for someone to adapt to the change, and they may wish to go back to the thing they are comfortable with. In some cases, people eventually adapt to the change and may enjoy it, however some people may disapprove of the change and they may be unhappy with it.

Some examples of change can include transitions, which are things like changing schools, moving house or moving on from school to college. Or it could be something like the birth of a sibling, the change can be that there is a new child in the house which means that you may have to share things or you may get less attention from your parents because they need to look after the child. Change can be for the good or the bad, either way, the chances are that you will end up having to adapt to it, even if it is temporary.

An example of a recent change for me is college. I am currently doing childcare in college, and I have to do three days in college and then two days in a placement. My last placement was in a reception class and I absolutely loved it, it was hard for me to leave as I became so attached to everyone there. I left there last summer and moved onto a nursery setting last October, I was so used to working with 4-5 year olds that suddenly working with 0-2 year olds was a massive change for me. I had no experience in working with the age group and the first few weeks of working there was so boring, I hated it. However as the weeks progressed, I became attached to everyone there and I even made a close friend who is an apprentice. The children were more comfortable with me so I interacted with them more, the staff got to know me better, and I was genuinely happy there. I now have three days left in this placement and I really don’t want to go!

So sometimes it just takes time for you to get used to change, for some people it will take longer than others but eventually, you can adapt to the change, there may be some cases where you may have to change how you see the change, maybe looking at the change from someone else’s point of view and see how it has benefited them and see if you can apply that to yourself, it may sound silly but it does work, and it will make you feel more comfortable with the change.

You can also see change as an open door to more opportunities, depending on what the change is, there may be more opportunities to develop yourself as a person, or to increase your confidence.

If you are going through a change which you are unhappy with, it may be a good idea to ask yourself if there is any way you can control it, no matter how big the change is, there is always a way you can change the change, whether it is changing the way you think about it or if there is any way you can physically change the situation.

Another way to deal with change is to see the positives of the change, this may be difficult as you are getting used to the change but by seeing the positives, you may see the whole change in a more positive light.

Nikita Bawden is 17 & from Devon, she launched her Fixers campaign in January 2016 to show young people experiencing mental health issues they’re not alone.

Nikita said, "I’ve experienced mental health issues in the past. I was bullied, both at school and online. At the time, I didn’t really talk to anyone, which I regret now. It was a horrible feeling. With Fixers, I’m working on a short film to encourage young people who are facing similar struggles to speak out.I hope to take it into schools, youth clubs and colleges to show others my age that they’re not alone.I want them to know that there is help available if they need it."

To watch Nikita's film click here

For more information on Fixers UK go to

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