It's Horrible Feeling Ill, and Worse When You Can't Even Text Your Mum

This weekend, I haven't been all that well. This isn't unheard of or anything - throughout Mum's illness, I had a couple of periods where I fell ill. Whether it be a standard bug going round, leaving me bedbound and anti-food for a few days, an exciting late-night A&E trip with an asthma attack, or something else, I've become somewhat of an expert at developing odd symptoms over the past couple of years. Whenever I was ill, I either told Mum afterwards (in the case of something short like an asthma attack), or told her but refused to let her visit. Mum's immune system was often compromised over the course of her illness; aggressive chemotherapy does that to a person. I made sure never to do

Can I Make Recovery Fit?

The other day I wrote myself a kind of mantra about recovery: Some days in recovery aren't easy. Sometimes you might feel like the world is surely about to end, you can't face getting out of bed and it feels impossibly hard. This is where true recovery is born, where you find the resilience to keep going when it feels hard. Remember that your head may well be selling you the idea of relapse as a positive... like it might make you feel better right now... you even get that kind of homesick feeling for a time when you were poorly. But the reality is that even the way you're feeling right now, is better than the good days of being unwell. Keep strong and keep fighting! As a student, recovering

I can't swim, ride a bike or do a forward roll...

I can't swim, ride a bike, do a forward roll..... I can't do these things not because I haven't tried or I am lazy but because I have a condition known as Dyspraxia. Dyspraxia is a condition in the family of developmental coordination disorder (DCD) . The word Dyspraxia is of Greek origin. The part -Dys means ill and -praxis means doing. Therefore it means ill doing. Definition of dyspraxia is “ an impairment of immaturity of the organisation of movement” which is where it gets its other name Clumsy child syndrome. My brain can’t process information correctly therefore causing signals from the brain to parts of the body to be misinterpreted. Me and my fellow dyspraxics have trouble planning

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