Slam Poem

Subtext: It’s everywhere. It’s in the way you say “I’m a little busy right now” When what you’re actually saying is: “I don’t want to talk to you”. The words that mean ‘go away’ Or ‘we don’t want you here’ But are cunningly disguised, Allowing you to say: “That’s not what I said” It’s not in what you say, but what you mean. What is there but is often not seen, So you can say “it was all a dream, it’s all in your head…. Drama Queen”. Words. A smooth flow of casual words surround me. I drop one in here or there But if I do so with less of a care, The way everyone else does, causing a flare in conversation…. There’s silence. Thick, awkward, awful silence. Followed by two words – An inside joke

Body Image: Hating Myself

My only respite at the moment is sleep. For those few precious hours each night I don't have to be intensely uncomfortable in my own skin. I can be in my dream away from the itching, bubbling sensations I get in my body. I'm really struggling with body image at the moment to the point where I constantly envision myself tearing my skin off my body. Peeling off my thick thighs and flabby belly. I'm at war with myself. Getting dressed each day is horrible, trying to find clothes that don't cling to my skin. I pull clothes that have no shape on to hide my body but nothing quite hides me enough to give me any ounce of confidence to face the day. Worse than getting dressed is showering or bathing.


Change, whether it is big or small, can have an impact on your mental health. It is something that can go on in anyone’s life, no matter who they are. Some people are uncomfortable with change, which is understandable due to the fact that they are so used to something and then it suddenly changes. It can take a lot for someone to adapt to the change, and they may wish to go back to the thing they are comfortable with. In some cases, people eventually adapt to the change and may enjoy it, however some people may disapprove of the change and they may be unhappy with it. Some examples of change can include transitions, which are things like changing schools, moving house or moving on from schoo

I Need You to Know That I Have a Personality Disorder

I need you to know that I have a personality disorder, it is the diagnosis that I don't speak about publicly and rarely talk about to anybody because I'm scared that telling you what I have will make you think I am a bad person. I desperately need you to understand what life with a personality disorder is like. It isn't an excuse for the way I behave, it's an explanation. My personality disorder makes any kind of relationship difficult. No one seems to stay long in my life and I often find that I am 'too much' for people as I am vulnerable and dependent. I feel inadequate a lot of the time. I struggle to fit in and often my efforts lead to me embarrassing myself. I have powerful relationship

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